5 Things to Know Before Paying for Loft Boarding Services

When it comes to home improvements, kitchen and bathroom remodeling are usually at the top of most homeowners’ choices. After this, many people try to increase space by finishing basements and garages. But do you know how your loft can help?

Done for a relatively low investment, the loft can provide a wealth of space. Read on as we discuss what you need to know before hiring loft boarding services. 

1. The Cost of Loft Boarding Services

The cost of boarding a loft can vary depending on the size and materials you use. A board costs around $20 for a 2400m x 600mm size. Insulation will add to that cost and is essential. 

If you just want a certain area for storage, then you can cut back on costs by only having a smaller area boarded. Work out a budget and see how much space you can afford. 

2. There Are Numerous Benefits to Loft Boarding

Lost boarding has many benefits, namely extra space on your property. This can be used for storage, often increasing the storage area in a home by 50%.

If you already use your loft for storage, then boarding makes it much safer. You can move about in the loft and retrieve items much easier than having to walk across joists and beams. 

3. It Will Save You Money

When you get your loft boarding done, insulation will also be installed. This can help keep any climate you generate in the home trapped inside it. It will hold the heat in winter and the cool from the air conditioning in summer. 

Not having to keep the HVAC system running means lower utility bills. This can save you money over the long term. The addition of storage space in the home will also add to its value and potential to sell. 

4. Poor Boarding Can Damage the Home

You may think that laying any type of loft boarding down would not have an adverse impact on the home. However, done incorrectly or with the wrong materials and it can cause damage. 

The wrong type of boards or incorrectly installed ones can push down on your insulation. When it does not have the room to breathe it traps moisture. This is when dampness occurs and if it makes its way into the home it can cost thousands in repairs. 

All of this has a knock-on effect, as squashed insulation will also prevent energy efficiency. It may also invalidate your New Home Build Warranty.

If you want trustworthy installation experts Instaloft is a great choice. Check them out at this link. 

5. Planning Permission

Loft boarding does not require any sort of planning permission when used for storage. Storage space is usually accessed through a ladder so does not need major renovation work. If you plan to use it for living space, there will be certain stipulations in place.

Stairs may need to be installed along with other fire and safety measures that you must follow. 

Finding Loft Boarding Services

Now you know about loft boarding, you just need to find an installation expert. Get a few quotes from different suppliers. Always check their reviews online. 

If you found this article helpful, we have many more. From renovations to DIY, we can help your property look great in the coming year. 

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