9 Essential Instagram Tips for Beginners

Did you know that there are over a billion Instagram users worldwide? This remains one of the most popular social media platforms in the world.

Instagram is an online photo and video sharing platform used by many. It allows its users to upload and edit content through the mobile app. Users can follow people who share the same interest with them.

Do you want to have a great Instagram profile? There are several things you need to know to achieve this. Here are nine Instagram tips for beginners:

1. Username

Deciding what username to use is the first step of your journey. Your username is one of the first elements people see when they visit your profile. It is also what people will use to search for you.

Having a unique Instagram username captures the attention of people. Make sure you choose one that will best capture who you are and what your account is all about.

Incorporating a keyword that describes your account helps people find you. If you post pictures of plants on your account, put words that remind people of plants. If you post food content, putting keywords like “eats” and “food” is a good idea.

Make sure you choose a memorable username. Use a play on words to make it stand out. Be creative by adding numbers and the name of your city.

2. Profile Photo

Instagram is a photo-sharing platform. It only makes sense that the first thing people look at is your profile picture. This small circle at the top of your profile is an element you need to observe.

Your profile photo is a small icon on your account. It is best to consider a color that best describes your aesthetic. If you post fun and colorful photos, go with a bright-colored picture.

Choose a profile photo that best captures your personality and who you are. You want your audience to recognize you through your profile picture.

3. A Strong Bio

You can include information about yourself in your Instagram bio. Keep it simple by being concise. Make it unique by including emojis, hashtags, or even a website URL.

Emojis are a great way to introduce yourself through tiny icons that represent a message. These cute images are faster to interpret than words or sentences. Putting a few on your Instagram bio will help you engage with younger audiences.

To make your bio even more unique, try adding a quote or a tagline that will tell people what your content is all about.

4. Unique Instagram Feed

Once a person clicks your icon on Instagram, they will land on your Instagram feed. Having an eye-catching Instagram feed will give people more reasons to follow you.

Make your Instagram feed unique by choosing a theme that gives your followers a glimpse of who you are. Keep it interesting by switching it up once in a while.

5. Instagram Worthy Photos

It’s not enough that you keep posting photos to load up your Instagram feed. You need to make sure that what photos you post are all Instagram-worthy.

Posting good quality photos is key to having a successful Instagram Page. It shows that you put a certain amount of professionalism into your brand. Learning how to take good Instagram photos establishes you as a professional, making your brand look more trustworthy on the platform.

What’s great is that the platform helps you in this regard. Instagram has tools to help make your photos look great available to you.


Did you know that the most followed person on Instagram has 370 million followers? An average person only has 150 followers.

Your followers are the ones who will consume the content that you put out there. They are the community who express their interest in what you do by clicking the follow button on your page. More activity on your posts boosts your chances to go viral on the platform.

Grow your following by posting consistent content that engages with people. You can also use hashtags to make your account visible to people with similar interests.

7. Direct Messaging

Instagram is a great way to connect and socialize with other people. Use the direct messaging option on Instagram to communicate on a more personal level.

You can send messages, pictures, and videos through Instagram DM. You can also react with emojis or unsend individual messages through this feature. Unlike Instagram posts, you can save photos sent through DMs in your gallery.

8. Instagram Posts and Stories

Posting visual content is what makes Instagram stand out from other platforms. It enables its users to share images or videos with their audience. Using Instagram involves choosing the best photos and creating good captions.

Instagram only allows its users to share ten photos max. If you plan on sharing some photos in a single post, be sure to show versatility. You can create a post that will tell a story by doing so.

If you want to post more casual content, IG Stories is the way to go. The photos and videos you post here last only for 24 hours. It is a great way to update your followers about the things you do throughout the day.

9. Hashtags and Geotagging

Using hashtags is a way to expand your audience and reach. When you use one, your post will appear with other posts that use similar tags.

You can get more followers by using tags and adding a location in your captions. It makes your content easier to find. You can also use this feature to find accounts that spark your interest.

If you plan on using it, start with 11 hashtags per post. You can improve your content’s engagement by using more hashtags.

Follow These Instagram Tips for Beginners Today

Instagram is a fun and creative way to share photo updates with the world. People’s response to imagery is what makes it one of the most successful platforms today.

You now know how to create a great Instagram profile. These Instagram tips for beginners will help you jump-start your brand on the get-go. Start your journey in creating a community through the photo-sharing app.

Do you want more tips and other Instagram ideas? We’ve got more guides for you! Click through our other articles and learn something new today!

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