Best Place to Sell a Car

It is well-known that Americans love their cars. On average, Americans own 13 cars over their lifetime, each car averaging in cost of about $30,000. 

The great thing about these purchases is that you can sell your used car and use that cash to partly fund your new one, especially if you have been taking care of your old car properly. Read on to find the best place to sell a car, so you can stop worrying about ‘selling my car’.  

Offline Used Car Dealers

This is one way you can sell your car. Visit various used car dealerships in your neighborhood or get offers from them on your used vehicle. 

This can be quite time-consuming and if you don’t have hours to spend driving around and chatting with used car dealers, or the patience to deal with traffic and people, then you are going to dislike this option. 

Sell Directly to Other Buyers

You could also go to websites like Craigslist and post your used car there, so you can sell directly to ordinary folks interested in purchasing a used car. This way you don’t have to deal with salespeople and you don’t have to drive around anywhere, as the folks will probably come to your house to check out the car. 

But this option is a bit shady since you don’t know if you can trust the person who’s buying your car. What if they decide they don’t like the car after a week and try to return it to you? Or you don’t get the right payment from them and you have to fight them for weeks to get it fixed? 

Online Used Car Dealers

If you haven’t ever used an online car buying center like Bidlane (homepage here) to sell your used car, you are missing out. It’s the easiest thing in the world.

You would start by looking at similar cars to yours that are up for sale in the market. That will give you an idea of how much you should expect to make.

Then you follow a few easy steps laid out on the website. The purchase coordinator will reach out to you, and inspect the car.

Within 15 minutes, you will receive an offer. Voila, you are then ready to purchase your new vehicle! It couldn’t be easier and quicker than this.

Now You Know the Best Place to Sell a Car

Stop googling ‘where to sell my car’ and use the tips laid out above to complete the process fast. Now you know the best place to sell a car so you can go stress-free into the process and get the necessary cash flow to buy your new vehicle. 

Transportation is such an important thing to Americans, that you need to learn how to sell a car in the best way possible. If you liked this article, keep browsing through our website for more good stuff like this.

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