Difference between a Soulmate and Life partner

It is quite common that the words soulmate and “life partner” are related. They look similar but have completely different meanings.
A soulmate is someone who comes into your life to teach you some valuable lessons. They motivate you, teach you, and help you grow in every possible way. A life partner, on the other hand, is someone who joins your journey and grows and learns with you. They are your equal partners, and they experience the same things as you. You can expect a life partner in the long run.

Here are a few differences between a soulmate and a life partner.

Your soulmate doesn’t have to be your lover. They could be your family, friends, co-workers, or just strangers you meet. They come into your life to guide you through life lessons, and when those teachings are done, they usually disappear from your life as quickly as they came.
Lifetime partners provide you with lifelong support. They share the same interests and help you go far in life, but they will always be by your side and give you energy and a feeling of good. Life partners tend to stay in the face of any challenges and obstacles.

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2. Different levels of  spiritual connection amongst them
You will have healthy relationships with your soul mate and life partner, but relationships with your soul mate will most likely not last long. The ego gets in the way and the relationship usually ends in bitterness. However, this is an important life lesson.

Soutmate vs Lifepartner
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Connections with life partners are deeper, more lasting, and last a lifetime. Usually, you share the same kinds of emotions and experiences with your life partner, which is why you also understand each other better. It feels as if your souls are connected to each other.
You will experience an instant connection with your soulmate. You feel as if you’ve known each other forever, and you share the same feelings. However, the relationship can also be very confusing and destructive, and you will end up making each other unhappy.
Lifetime partners are more stable. They are empathetic to you and try to understand you at all levels. Your relationship with your life partner will be more calming and relaxed, but you will have a sense of stability and trust you don’t have with your busy soulmate.
Soulmates connect with you beyond words. You share the same feelings, emotions, thoughts, and habits. They come into your life with lessons, and they make you feel in a sure way.
Life partners want to share their values ​​and wisdom with you. With them, you not only have emotional connections, but also logical and intellectual stimulation. This makes your relationship more lasting and more stable than your relationship with your soulmate.
Love with a soulmate is a joy, but it can also be full of obstacles. Attempting to make it last a lifetime is almost impossible and requires a difficult process.
Life partners come into your life to stay there. That connection gets stronger and deeper every day. Usually, these kinds of relationships are healthy and lift you up. You will feel happy, secure and loved when you are with the right life partner.
Although there are differences between soulmates and life partners, it does not mean that one cannot be the other and vice versa. One person can occupy two important positions in your life. If you have a choice, choose to go with your life partner. Because your relationship with them is calmer, stronger, and ultimately makes you happier.

5 Differences Between a Soulmate and a Boyfriend

In their mid-to-late 20s, people want a more serious relationship. Rather than just being by your side with a loving heart, I have a desire to create the future together. Of course, he must have taken his relationship with him sincerely, but he wants a different image from the seriousness of that time. Isn’t this the type of soulmate we are talking about?

However, I wonder if I should call the person I’m meeting now as a boyfriend or girlfriend, or see them as a soul mate who can build the future together. Now, let’s take a look at the characteristics of a soulmate that is one step higher than the common boyfriend and girlfriend.

1. Pick up at the airport.

Think of a scene from a movie. A scene where a man runs to the airport to say goodbye to a loved one or bring her back. The airport is a very romantic space. It’s a place to leave or come back from loved ones.

1. Pick up at the airport.
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The person who will pick you up at the airport is someone you might consider getting married to. Picking someone up at the airport is something you can do when you’re in love.

2. When you are apart, you become more affectionate.

There are times when you need to spend time away from your loved ones. It’s not a romantic situation for sharing sex or intimacy. But even this time we spend thinking about each other. Boyfriend can get farther away from his heart as much as his body is farther away, but his soulmate’s heart burns even more. If he’s a romantic, he’ll send you romantic words every day, or if he’s a jovial guy, he’ll tell you funny anecdotes. The important point is that even if you are apart, you can communicate without feeling a sense of distance.

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3. It is comfortable to meet anytime.

Are you meeting his parents this weekend? Can you see him without makeup? Has he ever seen your messy room?? If he’s your soulmate, all of this will be fine. Comfortable in any situation and not embarrassed when meeting each other’s friends or family? He’s a part of you and loves each other in every way. A soulmate has already passed the stage of boyfriend or girlfriend.

4. Always reliable and helpful in solving problems.

Even during the time when affection is often cold, I always rely on him and call him. He always puts you first, so he responds right away and answers calls with pleasure. When you’re busy, be honest and don’t make you wait. Notify you when you are out and contact you as soon as you return home. Of course, if you’re in trouble, you can run right away.

5. After a fight, we get closer.

Often you can see lovers breaking up over trivial matters. However, the relationship between soulmates becomes stronger after quarrels. There can be no conflicts between people at all. If you care about each other, quarrels can happen often. However, it is due to a difference of opinion, not because of a life philosophy or malicious intent, but there is a solution only after. Soulmate somehow finds a way.

After an argument, give the other person time to think and listen. A soulmate is a person who listens to each other, compromises, and works together to keep the relationship going.

According to the health portal Comedy.com, a soul mate literally means a person with whom the soul can connect. But in a broader sense, it means someone who can form a strong bond with me. It may be someone who makes you feel at ease when you are together, or it may be someone who helps you become a better person.

What is the Meaning of Soulmate?

So, what is the meaning of a soul mate in a romantic relationship? The US media outlet HuffPost asked experts, including marriage psychologists, for their opinions on soulmates.

“A soul mate is someone you can easily get along with within a short period of time. But that doesn’t mean it’s a relationship that can be maintained without effort.”

Psychologist Samantha Rodman’s definition of a soulmate is as follows: A relationship in which a feeling of familiarity with each other within a short period of time and a feeling of happiness and satisfaction are maintained. However, I do not believe that there is only one soul mate in this world. If you actively meet a lot of people, you can find more soulmates.

He also said that he should be careful about misunderstandings about soulmates. Many people mistake a soulmate for a relationship that can be maintained without effort. It is explained that even if you meet someone who suits you well, you need to respect and consider each other in order to maintain the relationship.

“The concept of a soulmate can give people unrealistic expectations for love.”

Psychotherapist Michael Weiner-Davis believed that there was no single fateful opponent. That this is just a product of imagination. Because people are like ‘batch trading products’ and have various aspects at once, it is explained that there are parts that fit well with me and parts that don’t suit me no matter who I meet.

He also saw that as people grow over time, they become more proficient and mature in dating. In other words, the eyes of finding a better person in the next relationship than in the previous one will develop, and the skills to maintain a better relationship will be developed. Rather than being a perfect match with someone from the beginning, it is explained that good relationships are formed during this growth process.

“A soulmate is someone who can overcome obstacles and adversity together.”

Rory Sue Brockway, author of a book about marriage, believes in the existence of a soulmate. The fact that there is someone who fits you perfectly. The reason many people get married after overcoming religious, racial, and cultural differences is that there is someone who can overcome these difficulties and form bonds.

In other words, a soul mate is someone who can overcome difficult conditions together. If you decide to live with your soulmate, sometimes you have to overcome financial difficulties together, and sometimes you have to solve problems that arise in the process of raising a child. If we can overcome this together well, that opponent is our soulmate.

“Soulmates don’t mean they fit perfectly in every way. It’s about understanding and understanding.”

The notion of a soulmate that there will be someone who is the perfect match for me always gives people an excuse, says marriage broker Erica Kaplan. If there is an argument or disagreement with your lover, you will find the excuse that it is because you are not your soul mate. This means that you will always think that there will be a better opponent.

But no one fits perfectly in every way. Rather, it is Caplan’s opinion that a relationship that understands and works together to maintain a good relationship is more like a soulmate. It is not a relationship that fits well even if you stand still, but a relationship that fits with each other.


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