Explore mediterranean swimming pool designs and ideas

The Mediterranean-inspired pool design goes well with many décor schemes, as well as modern or traditional styles.

The Mediterranean style is rich and mixed with different concepts. It contains Turkish, Moroccan, Iberian and some traditional Italian influences. The versatility of this style makes it a great choice for a variety of home spaces, such as a Mediterranean-style swimming pool, due to the endless possibilities.

Mediterranean swimming pool design

Design of the pool should be closely related to the nature or the decorative scheme of the house. To understand this style, it is good to start with a knowledge of the essence of a Mediterranean house.

The type of pool suitable for each home will depend on the overall environment, color and material. One of the main characteristics here is the purity of the material. For this reason, we often see things like wood, stone and white limestone.

Viewing a garden or terrace with a luminous swimming pool looks stunning. It also fits perfectly with a plain, serious home with a geometric design. Using lighting in this way, you can create a unique atmosphere by illuminating the water and outdoor furniture.

An inspirational pool

If you really want to go Mediterranean style, try using a lot of wood. A swimming pool completely surrounded by this material looks really nice. It also gives you plenty of space to utilize with your own designs, adding another level and form.

If you can get exotic plants and palm trees , you can make them even better. It creates an environment that makes you feel like you are on the shores of colorful Italy, Tunisia or the Baltic.

In the context of that natural feel, it would be nice to have a swimming pool with a waterfall effect. Of course, this kind of work requires a lot of hands and money, so make sure your budget can cover it.

The end result is bound to be really cool, and it will really work well if you have a lot of space. However, if you have a small yard or garden, it can block the view and make the pool space appear smaller.

Combining a swimming pool design with other Mediterranean elements can be practical as well as look great. For example, one we like is the idea of ​​floating a gazebo house by installing a platform over the water.

That way you have the opportunity to dine alfresco and feel like you’re on the Mediterranean coast without leaving your backyard. Adding a brightly colored staircase to the pool is practical and adds a sense of majesty to space. Also, if your pool is relatively large, you can do both.

Mediterranean-style swimming pool: colors and materials

With all these natural ingredients included, it’s no surprise that the main colors of a Mediterranean-style swimming pool are white and earthy tones. This is also something to consider the surrounding area. If you’re in an area surrounded by flashy colors, you probably won’t need the colors from your pool décor.

However, you can use a deep blue or a turquoise blue that goes perfectly with the white . You can also add Moroccan-style tiles if you want more color. If that’s not the case, if in doubt or if you don’t feel inspired enough, open a window and get inspired by the world around you.

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