How to Choose the Best Weed Strains for You

At first, you had concerns about using cannabis because it’s still illegal to the Federal Government. But now, you’re ready to join the 18% of Americans that use marijuana for medical and recreational purposes.

You decided to do some research to see what kind of cannabis you want to try and found that there are hundreds of strains! How do you know which strain works best for you?

Don’t worry, we put together a quick guide to help you pick the best strains of marijuana for you. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know before hitting the dispensary.

Main Cannabis Categories

The first thing you should know is what category of cannabis you’re looking for. These are the 4 main types of strains you’ll see at the dispensary.


These strains have an uplifting and energizing effect. Many users report feeling more creative and having a mood boost when using sativas. But, some people with anxiety disorders say that sativas trigger anxiety episodes.


The other side of the ganja spectrum is indica. These strains help with pain, nausea, and insomnia the most.


Strains that combine the effects of both sativa and indica fall into the hybrid category. They can lean sativa or indica depending on the strain’s lineage.


If you don’t want the “high” feeling that THC gives, you can find CBD dominant strains. These have most of the same benefits as the THC dominant strains but don’t make you feel buzzed.

Picking the Best Strains at the Dispensary

When you walk into the dispensary to buy marijuana, they have a wide selection of different strains to choose from. Make sure to ask the budtender which strains fall into each category.

Also, make sure to look at the THC and CBD content of each strain. This varies from batch to batch and you’ll want to know that you’re getting the right ratio.

Looking for Rare and Exotic Cannabis Strains

Sometimes, certain marijuana strains don’t produce a ton of buds or take extra time/supplies to grow. Those coveted strains get difficult to find in most locations because there’s more demand than supply. If you find one of these rare and popular strains of weed, grab some and stock up!

Puff Puff and Pass Along the Great News

Some people look for marijuana to relieve medical symptoms. Others use cannabis to relax at the end of the day. No matter your motive, mother nature gave us a powerful herb to heal what ails us.

Keep these tips in mind when you go ganja shopping. That way, you know you’ll pick a strain that gives you the effects you desire.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you learned how to pick the best strains of cannabis. If you’re looking for more informative articles about health, lifestyles, and more check out the rest of our blog today!

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