How to Pick Jewelry Online: Everything You Need to Know

Did you know that at least 37% of people shifted to shopping online these days?

A part of this may be due to the ongoing pandemic. Others prefer shopping online due to the convenience of being able to buy using your device regardless of where you are.

Shopping for a shirt or video game online isn’t all too complicated. But what about items as expensive as jewelry? How do you pick jewelry online?

This is a much bigger and riskier investment. You can’t touch or try on the jewelry piece before buying it. How will you know it’s the right one? 

Don’t worry, we’ve got all the tips you need right here. Keep on reading to learn how to pick jewelry even when shopping online:

Check Permits and Certifications

The first things you should check are all the business and jewelry permits and certifications. Start with the business permit and registration. Even online businesses need to register and get a permit before they can operate.

Keep in mind that jewelry shops also can’t operate without certification that verifies the quality and veracity of their products. They can’t sell “certified” diamonds, for example, without proof from a governing body. This can include proof from the American Gem Society or Gemological Institute of America.

Another good way to check for legitimacy is to ask for a physical address and contact number. Scammers often don’t give this information so they can run off after scamming a customer.

You should also check if they have a listing on Google My Business or if they have an official website. Both give further credibility. 

3D and Real Photos

Picking jewelry online can seem difficult since you don’t get to hold and inspect the items in your hand. However, a lot of credible shops nowadays offer 3D 360-degree images. You can spin these images to get a full look at every angle of the jewelry you want before buying it.

However, this shouldn’t be your only basis before buying. Remember that these images are still only 3D representations of the real thing. There could be differences, particularly with the item’s shine and gems. 

To make sure you get what the shop advertises, look for real photos too. These should be recent photos of the piece you want and not a highly glossed promotional photo.

If possible, ask for photos of someone holding the jewelry. This will give you a better idea of the item’s actual size, shine, and style. 

Make it a point to look at photos from consumer reviews too, which brings us to the next important step when picking jewelry online.

Online Customer Reviews

Reading online customer reviews should be one of the first things you do once you know the shop is a legitimate source. 

Don’t fret, you can trust customer reviews. Reviews aren’t marketing materials, manufactured and curated by the sellers. These come from previous customers and provide further insight into the jewelry you’re buying.

What should you look for when reading customer reviews? First, check if they have any complaints about the quality of the jewelry. Check if the jewelry was real gold and if the diamonds or gems were as precious as stated on the website. 

As mentioned, look for reviews with photos and videos. This will show how the jewelry looks in person. Compare these photos with the ones uploaded on the website.

Customer reviews will also reveal other people’s experiences with the jeweler’s customer service quality as well as their returns and refunds policies. You may also read about accepted payment methods, issues with the site’s security, or the seller’s delivery system.

Know Your Jewelry

You can’t pick jewelry online without first knowing the basics. Take your time to learn about the 4 C’s of diamonds, for example. Knowing this will help you determine whether or not a diamond piece is worth purchasing.

When it comes to gold, understand the different karat levels. You should also learn more about yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. Each one offers a different look and appeal.

Don’t forget there are other kinds of gems too. Diamonds aren’t your only option! You can go for moissanite, different forms of sapphires, and gems like tourmaline. 

There are also different types of jewelry. Take earrings, for example. Some earrings work great for a wedding but won’t suit your outfit at the office.

We’ll tackle this more in-depth in the section below. 

Check the Types of Jewelry Available

You can break down jewelry into several major types: necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, and minor accessories. Some minor accessories include cufflinks, nose piercings, watches, belly button laces, and anklets. You can break each category down further too.

For example, you can classify according to adult jewelry and kid’s jewelry. You can also divide jewelry according to men’s and women’s preferences.

Separate modern jewelry from classical and antique jewelry too. The older the jewelry piece, the more valuable it becomes. This is because it also holds significant historical value too.

Prioritize the jewelry you need. Remember that jewelry isn’t always the main attraction (although it can be). Sometimes, the right kind of jewelry helps draw people’s attention to your best physical assets or clothing.

Pick Jewelry Online Within Your Budget

It should come as no surprise that most jewelry online costs a bit. You’ll rarely find affordable jewelry. The market value for diamonds, gold, and other precious metals or gems often stays high instead of fluctuating up and down.

That said, you shouldn’t break the bank for a ring or necklace. If you’re buying an engagement ring, you don’t need to follow the old practice of getting one worth three months of your salary. Set a budget you know you can follow through.

Is there a piece of jewelry you want but it’s a little outside your cash budget? Ask the online seller if they have any financing options. You may be able to buy the item through monthly installments. 

However, make sure to read the documents before signing anything! Check the interest rate and the penalty fees for late payments. Compare the price of buying it in cash and when purchased through installments.

Know Your Size

Never buy jewelry without knowing your size. This especially counts for rings since not all rings allow resizing. Take your time to measure your ring finger and then compare the measurements to the size chart uploaded by the online jeweler.

Size also matters for necklaces. You don’t want a necklace or choker that is too loose or too tight. The length matters too because a necklace (with or without a pendant) should only hang down to the middle of your chest.

Buying a watch? Take measurements for this too. You don’t want a watch that can’t adjust far or tight enough to stay securely on your wrist.

Returns and Refunds Policies

Even if you follow every step on this guide, there’s always the off-shoot chance of something going wrong. The ring you buy might be the wrong size or the item might have slight imperfections and damages. 

To avoid any issues, check the returns and refunds policies offered by the online jewelry store. Do they offer any kind of warranty and how long does it last? Can you complain about product damages or wrong orders?

If you have to return the jewelry, check how the seller handles the process. Some allow you to return jewelry without any strict requirements. Others might require you to re-seal the box the item came in and use that when sending it back to the seller.

Shop for the Occasion

There are different jewelry styles for different events and occasions. The kind of jewelry you’ll wear at a debut party isn’t the kind you’d wear at the workplace or for a corporate event.

For a wedding, for example, you’ll want to wear silver jewelry with small but noticeable diamonds or gems. This ensures you look your best without outshining the bride. 

Attending a meeting at work? Plain and basic jewelry work best. Plain gold earrings or a gold bracelet complement an office suit.

Scout Different Jewelry Shops

Practice caution when shopping for jewelry by comparing jewelry prices from different sellers. Some websites might offer the same piece of jewelry or something similar.

You could get a better deal from one site even if their product is more expensive. This happens through discount vouchers, free shipping deals, or limited-run promos. 

Get the Best Jewelry Online Today

Now you know how to pick jewelry online. Take your time to compare prices, study the types of jewelry, and always read customer reviews. Pick jewelry suited for the occasion and always stick within your budget.

But why stop with this jewelry buying guide when we’ve got more fashion and shopping tips for you to check out? Feel free to read through our library of articles today and get all the guides you need for fashion, real estate, and more!

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