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Long bangs on two sides: How to Follow Bangs Hair Fashion Trend

Long Bangs on Two Sides

At the stage of growing the standard bangs, there comes a point when the front strands are already quite long, but they still cannot be gathered into a ponytail. Let’s stop here, because this hair can be styled in a practical and beautiful double-sided bang. Who suits it and how to style it.

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For inspiration: who is a long bang on two sides, and for whom is it taboo?

Strands descending in soft curtains on the sides of the forehead slim, perfectly mask the disharmony of the face and are suitable for almost everyone. They are appropriate for thick and thin , wavy and straight, fine and coarse hair of any length. By the way, bangs on two sides are one of the most  .

How does double-sided bangs help correct features?

  • A wide forehead narrows visually if it is covered by two thick and lush strands, divided into a parted part. It is optimal if they fall below the level of the eyebrows.
  • A round face with pronounced cheeks requires bangs that reach at least the chin. This technique greatly adorns the everyday look of Dakota Johnson, despite the fact that her hair is not thick and voluminous.
  • Elongated or triangular face (the so-called “heart”), on the other hand, appears softer and rounder if the bangs end at the level of the earlobes.
  • Girls with a narrow face a voluminous curtain bang with tips twisted inward is suitable.
  • Face type with wide cheekbones (rectangular face) becomes more sophisticated thanks to such bangs, and a vivid example of this is Brigitte Bardot and the image of Jennifer Aniston from the 90s.
  • Any curtain bang is suitable for an oval face shape . If you’ve been looking for an easy way to diversify your look, then this option is definitely worth considering.

But for girls with heavy eyelids, deep or close-set eyes, a large nose or small facial features, the front strands cut in this way are contraindicated. In addition, double-sided bangs disadvantageously emphasize the hard line of the lower jaw and a square chin.

If you have noticeably thinning hair, such bangs will make the lack of hair obvious. In this case, it is advisable to consult with your hairdresser before cutting your hair and find a hairstyle suitable for camouflage problems together.

Haircuts with long bangs on two sides: trends and well-forgotten classics

Stylists recommend long strands framing the face to everyone, without exception. Afraid that double-sided bangs will quickly get bored? In vain! With her talent for transformation, you can change an image in ten minutes without scissors.

Pixie Bangs

On a super short haircut, asymmetrical bangs with a side parting look relevant. A shortened strand falls on one side of the forehead, and a smooth strand on the other side reaches the chin or even descends even lower. If desired, it is easy to form a daring glam mohawk from such a bang.

Square Bangs

Long bangs on two sides soften haircuts for medium length hair, and the bob will be no exception. What is especially nice, this hairstyle does not require much effort when styling.

Change the location of the parting depending on your mood, and you can pin the strands on one side with a decorative hairpin, removing the tips behind the ear.

Cascade Bangs

A layered hairstyle without an elongated bangs seems unfinished and brings the frontal part of the face to the fore, which is not always desirable. But it is worth complementing the haircut with a graduated bangs with a parted part, and the image acquires a feminine harmony.

Unfortunately, such a hairstyle is not possible on any hair. Experts note that the thicker the hair, the more effective the cascade looks .

“Torn” haircut

Strands of different lengths need the same deliberately “torn” bangs. For this, the strands of the parietal zone are milled and divided into a straight or side parting. This is the hairstyle that Meg Ryan wore during the years of her stellar fame, and now fashion trends suggest slightly softening this image with curls.


In an elongated bob with graphic shapes, the elongated bangs are an almost magical multifunctional detail. It is enough to divide it along the parting, and the appearance becomes softer.

The elegance of the style will be emphasized by the bangs laid to one side, and boldness and independence – by combed and styled hair.

Step-by-step instructions: how to style long bangs on two sides

It is very easy to bring standard double-sided bangs into a presentable look in the morning, and the styling process will take no more time than breakfast.

Here’s how to do it correctly:

  • Apply two to three peas of mousse to the front strands for volume to suit both the root zone and to create tight curls along the length ( Matrix High Amplify Foam Volumizer does a great job of both ).
  • Part bangs in a straight part using a comb with a rod.
  • Curl the left section with a brush and hair dryer, pulling it slightly up and towards the left temple. Finish styling with a cold blow dryer.
  • Repeat the same steps for the right side of your hair.
  • Spread the bangs out slightly with your fingers. If necessary, apply a light hold spray to avoid unnecessary weight.
To style the swirl-shaped bangs that open the forehead, you need to pull the strands up with a brush, and then sprinkle them at the roots with a strong fixation spray. Stylists love Redken Triple Take 32 for its durability and L’Oréal Professionnel Fix Design for its easy-to-use spout for feeding small areas of hair.
To achieve a centrally split bangs that gently fall over your forehead to cover it, blow the brush forward when styling with a hairdryer, perpendicular to your forehead. Styling in this case should be light and invisible on the hair.

Long slanting bangs will be clearer if you apply a drop of styling gel to it. To prevent it from looking flat, you can comb it lightly at the roots. Comb that part of the hair that remains in the minority on the other side of the face behind the ear, also using the fixing gel.

If the hairstyle requires a smooth double-sided bangs, you cannot do without a root pile on the inside of the strands. Then use a flat iron to run through your hair, curling the ends slightly inward.

Two-sided bangs for long hair: the top three looks

Strands from the shoulders and below are often so heavy that you have to fight for every millimeter of root volume. Reversible bangs give you the volume you need without difficulty. But how to fit it into hairstyles for long hair?


As with the cascade, graduated bangs are indispensable here.

High tail

long bangs and high ponytail

The hair in the parietal zone is combed and tied in a ponytail at the back of the head, and the strands near the face are styled with lush double-sided bangs – a spectacular and feminine hairstyle for holiday parties.

Light waves

For this styling, an elongated bang on two sides can be any, even with the ends curled in the direction from the face. The only thing to be wary of is strands lying flat on the forehead, so do not forget about styling for volume.

For medium hair: harmonious combinations with double-sided bangs

In addition to bob and bob, which look especially impressive with relaxed curls, bangs on two sides are also suitable for collected hair of medium length – up to the shoulders or slightly higher.

Pull the hair into a low ponytail or small bun, release the front strands and add natural root volume to them with a brush and a hairdryer. A pinch of L’Oreal Professionnel Super Dust is enough to fix the result. This image carries an elusive aristocratic flair, which means cocktail dresses below the knees and modest but high-quality cardigans and trousers in the style of the 50s will be very appropriate.