How to make your own emoji

Emojis are fun to use in almost all occasions, and it seems like there are endless numbers to choose from, but learning to create your own emojis is the best way to get exactly what you want. Let’s look at the face. Sometimes the face doesn’t have an emoticon for the correct expression.

Objects, objects, weather icons, symbols, facial expressions, or anything else you want to create your own emoji. It is limited only by your imagination and the ease of use of the emoji maker.

There are many emoji builders out there, but below is a tutorial on the best ways to create your own emojis that you can use on your phone, tablet or tablet. On the computer

How to make your own emoji on iPhone

Emojis are by far the best way to create your own emoji. on the iPhone. There are options for creating scratches and random ways to quickly create emojis. Great for creating emotional emojis.

How to make your own emoji

The new option on the app’s home screen gives you several creation tools. Create emoji from left to right, in the following order:

  • Choose a template like a multicolored base, square face, or taco head.
  • Choose a pair of eyes.
  • Determine the eyebrows.
  • Hand over the mouth options and find the right one.
  • Add facial hair if desired
  • Optionally select a gesture.
  • Select one of the objects to make the emoji stand out.
  • Choose an emoji hat.

All options are customizable, so you can drag around the emoji background to rotate and resize using common finger gestures. After saving the custom emoji to the gallery, tap the download button.

Exit Emoji and go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboard > Add New Keyboard > Emoji will add an emoji keyboard to your phone and actually transfer your custom emoji. facility.

How to make your own emoji

When you’re ready to use your custom emoji, use the app drawer next to your keyboard to select the double-sided emoji icon. You can find the emoji you created.

Emoji or Anime Face is a similar free app for iPhone and iPad. iOS 13 and iPadOS users can create emoticons with emoticons . Animated emojis are only available on iPhone X and later, iPad Pro 11-in and iPad Pro 12.9-in (3rd generation).

How to make your own emoji on Android

It’s easy to create your own emoji on Android with Emoji Maker . If you don’t want to spend your own time, there is also a gallery where you can browse popular emojis created by other users.


The unique thing about this emoji maker is that when you select various parts of the emoji, you will see a preview instantly. You don’t have to guess what it will look like if you choose, so it will help you decide what to choose.

Here’s how Emoji Maker works on Android.

  • New emoji on tab home screen
  • Choose a background for your emoji. It can be anything from a dog or bear’s face to a heart, a vegetable, a cat, or a circle. There is also an animated background.
  • Use the menu icons at the bottom of the app to select eyebrows, eyes, mouth, gestures, hair, facial hair, masks, and more.
  • Tap the check mark in the top right to save the custom emoji to the in-app gallery.
  • Share through the app by tapping the emoji and share button.

Bitmoji is another great option for creating emojis on Android and iOS. The emoji you can create in that app usually looks a lot more complicated in that it has a caption and an entire scene, but it’s still easy to create.

A similar thing is a memorial service, but it’s marketed as a messaging app with augmented reality augmented reality emojis over real faces.

How to make your own emoji on a computer

Ravlee ‘s free online emoji maker is a great resource for creating your own emoji. Choose a shape, background color, eyebrows, facial features, accessories, and text to create a large emoji using the full screen of your desktop computer.

Once done, you can share your emoji via Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter, or save it to your computer to use as you like.


Emoji Maker is similar, but much easier to save. On the computer. There are many options for face shapes and other features, and you can use the built-in text tool to write emoji.

piZap Emoji Maker is another option for computer users. A few options cost, but high-quality export isn’t free, but there are still plenty of unique emoji creation tools (and standard quality export is still good enough).


As you can see, your own emoji. You can do it on your computer, Android or iPhone or tablet.

If you want to send emojis through your phone keyboard, some of these methods are better than others, but others are useful for emailing emojis from your computer, sending them to Facebook, or using emojis in other projects.

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Whichever method you choose, it’s very fun to create your own emoji. If you create new emojis that most others don’t use, you can stand out in group messages and even let your friends reuse emojis.

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