The Office 365 App for your iPhone and Android!

If you are someone who frequently uses Office 365 and its services on your PC or laptop and wish to get the same services on your handheld devices then you should consider using the Office 365 App on your mobile device so that you don’t have to hassle around all day carrying your laptop.

If you are worried about your operating system compatibility then you must know that Microsoft office offers its Office 365 App for both Android and Apple devices, the details of which we will discuss in this article for both systems.

Office 365 App for iOS from the Apple App Store

Following is the procedure you can adopt to download the Office 365 App from the Apple App Store:

  1. Click on the icon for the App Store present on your home screen
  2. Then click the search bar present at the corner of the App display
  3. Click the Search box which will appear at the top of the screen display
  4. In the search box you must enter this keyword Microsoft Office.
  5. Now press the Microsoft Office 365 app in the search results that show up
  6. Scroll across the screen to access the Microsoft related apps like the option of Teams used to connect with your office team members. Once you have located the appropriate app, simply tap on install.

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Office 365 App for Android from the Google Play Store

Office 360 for android

Following is the procedure you can adopt to download the Office 365 App from the Google Play Store:

  1. Click on the icon for the Google Play Store on your Android device
  2. Then hit the Google Play box present right at the top of the Google Play Store main display screen.
  3. In this box, enter Microsoft Office.
  4. Now click on the Microsoft Office 365 App from the search results that appear
  5. Scroll across this screen display to access the entire list of all the Office 365 App options for instance OneDrive.
  6. Once you have located the app that suits your needs, click on this app and let it download

What does the Office 365 App has to offer?

The Office 365 App for both Apple and Android are capable of performing a lot of tasks just like their versions on your PC or laptop would. For instance, you can type a Word document or add a formula to your Excel sheet, or view PowerPoint slides.

Office 365 App for your iPhone and Android

What is interesting to note is that versions of this app on both iOS and Android have same tools. Following is a quick list of all the tasks the Office 365 App is capable of performing:

  1. Word: You will be able to add and customize styles, add images and keep a track of your modifications
  2. Excel: You will be able to select font type and set margins on a spreadsheet, generate statistic charts and add images
  3. PowerPoint: You can create slides and even rearrange it, put in tables and will be able to print the presentation slides as well
  4. Outlook: You can open and respond to messages, open folders and even put initials

What are some of the drawbacks of the Office 365 App?

If you are still unsure as to which Office 365 App to select for your Android or Apple device, then let us inform you about certain drawbacks of the mobile apps for Office 365 which you must be aware of before you decide to complete ditch Office on PC’s:

  • Word: You will not be able to personalize styles, check for grammatical errors or operate the macros.
  • Excel: You will not be able to choose the select non-contiguous cells on your Excel sheet or open the PivotTables, or access the Pivot Charts.
  • PowerPoint: You will not have the option of using the video or audio tool. You also cannot change the background or add the link for YouTube videos.

Outlook:You will not have the liberty of emptying the spam folder or assign importance levels to any message or generate a message for out-of-office.  set importance levels in a message, or create an out-of-office message.

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