What is Septum piercing and its features?

Septum piercing is an ancient custom of tribal peoples, which after centuries has become a modern fashion. This unusual decoration attracts more and more young (and not so) people. In this article, we will tell you all the pros and cons of septum piercing and the intricacies of this procedure.

Septum piercing is one of the most coveted facial piercings. Most girls choose it. It is a truly versatile piercing and a great accessory for self-expression.

Septum piercing history

Septum piercing began in India in the 1500s. Indian women are big fans of jewelry and piercings, especially nose piercings.

There are different beliefs in different regions of India regarding septum piercing. Some believe that the septum ring symbolizes a woman who is the right age for marriage, while in other areas it is a symbol of security.

In the central regions of India, a ring with a septum in the nose means that a woman is married.

Septum piercing was also popular in African and Mesoamerican civilizations. The people of the tribe love to wear huge rings and even pig bones to look fierce and strong. For the Aztecs, Incas and Mayans, septum piercings symbolized the gods of the water and the sun.

In Australian aborigines, septum piercing is used to flatten the nose, which is a sign of beauty and grace for them.

Now what?

For most people today septum earring is just a decoration. They find him handsome, so they decide to pierce their nose. As in many years ago, it is mostly women who pierce the nose. However, now it does not depend on marriage, girls just pierce their nose because it is fashionable and stylish.

The piercing of the septum takes place in the center of the tip of the nose, exactly between the nostrils. The needle will pass through the skin on one side and out on the other.

Unfortunately, not everyone succeeds in getting a septum piercing. Some have a deviated septum, which means that the bone and cartilage separating the nasal cavity is off-center or noticeably curved. Piercing a deviated septum is not a good idea, as the piercing will only look crooked and uneven. Check with your piercing specialist and doctor ahead of time to make sure you’re ready to have your septum piercing.

How is a septum Piercing done?

This type of piercing is nothing special in terms of the procedure itself. In fact, it is almost the same as ear-piercing. Since it is not very difficult, many people save money and do their own nasal septum piercing at home.

Regardless of whether you want to pierce the septum yourself or ask the master, be sure to follow the rules:

  • Hands should be well washed
  • Tools, an earring and everything that will touch the piercing site must be thoroughly disinfected
  • Under no circumstances should you consume alcohol or other substances.

The last point concerns both the one who will pierce and the “patient” himself. Alcohol dilates blood vessels, so the blood will go for a very long time. It is also desirable that the person who is pierced with the septum is in good health. He should not have a runny nose, fever, and no medication that dilates blood vessels.

At home

First, let us warn you: doing septum piercing yourself, you can injure yourself or, even worse, get blood poisoning. Therefore, consider several times whether the risk is worth the money saved.

If you are still determined, and you will not be intimidated by this, below are instructions for piercing the septum.

We will need:

  1. disinfectants
  2. clamp for septum
  3. piercing needle
  4. the earring is the same diameter as the needle.

First, we qualitatively disinfect instruments and the nasal cavity. We install the clamp on the septum ourselves or ask a friend. Be sure to make sure that the piercing is flat and that no cartilage is touched. We make a puncture with a needle. We take out the needle and insert the ring. We treat the wound with chlorhexidine or miramistin.

In the cabin

It is very important to choose a professional craftsman whom you can fully trust. Before the session, ask him about how the piercing procedure will go so that there are no surprises for you. The wizard will also tell you about the size of the septum that you can use.

Some masters use ointments with anesthetic effect. If you are in dire pain, it is best to ask for such an ointment.

Another method that masters often use is simply talking to you, distracting you from piercing the septum. They chat, ask questions and at the most unexpected moment, when you are completely distracted, they sharply pierce the septum. It is worth saying that both methods are good. You will feel pain in any case, but it will be much easier to move the piercing morally.

The price will depend on the level and reputation of the master and salon. On average, septum piercing costs 1,500-2,000 rubles.

How to care?

There is nothing complicated in the septum healing process. It is necessary to treat the wound for two months – this is how long the piercing of the nasal septum heals. Chlorhexidine is suitable for processing. Soak a cotton swab with it and wash the wound in your nose.

If after rinsing the piercing, an unpleasant smell remains, then you need to clean the earring itself.

Never peel off the dried crust around the puncture. This will only prolong the healing time. And try to wiggle the earring as little as possible.

Does it hurt to get septum pierce ?

Let’s not lie: piercings are always painful. Think for yourself – they pierce your skin with a needle and a fairly thick one. Of course, everyone has their own threshold of pain. And there are plenty of factors influencing her feeling. For example, if you have long dreamed of piercing a septum, you will endure much more pain than someone who did not really want to get pierced.

By the way, the pain can be reduced. As mentioned above, there are special ointments that act on the principle of anesthesia. Also, the pain will depend on whether the master gets into a nerve ending or not – and this is a matter of chance.

Attention: if a nerve is touched when a septum is pierced, and the severe pain does not go away in any way, pull out the piercing and go to the doctor.

Risks and consequences of the procedure

A competent specialist will always tell you what septum piercing is fraught with and what consequences you can expect. He will not dissuade you, this is his earnings, but he is obliged to warn you.

Whenever you get pierced or tattooed, there is a chance of blood poisoning. That is why they disinfect everything around – so as not to introduce infection: hepatitis, HIV, etc.

Remember that even with disposable needles and complete sterility, there is still a chance of infection. Though minimal.

Also, when a septum is pierced, deformation of the skin around the wound is possible. This is possible with improper care and long healing. In this case, scars may appear at this place, with the presence of itching and redness in the nose. This phenomenon is very painful and requires immediate medical attention.

It is worth mentioning the possibility of an allergic reaction to the decoration material. Check where the piercer bought the earring and what kind of material it is. An inexperienced home “craftsman” can purchase a ring that will rust in a week. Believe me, the consequences will not be pleasant.

Buy jewelry at a specialty store. Quality materials: titanium and surgical steel. It is recommended to take the first titanium earring. But in the healed septum, you can already put others.

Types of jewelry

Generally speaking, there are 2 types of septum earrings: circular and banana. And already they are divided into some more subtypes. Circulars include a clicker, and bananas include a barbell and microbanana. Let’s look at examples which of them is which.

A circular is a decoration in the form of a semicircle, on the ends of which nozzle balls are wound.

Clicker – a ring that opens in one place, and when closed, they emit a characteristic “click” sound.

Banana is a septum product made in the shape of the fruit of the same name.

Microbanana is the same banana, only small and with less bend.

The bar is an earring in the form of a straight stick without bends.

The last 3 types are convenient because they can be hidden in the nose at any time. The barbell is almost invisible at all, and the banana and microbanana easily turn in the other direction. Therefore, these forms are most often used as the first earring that cannot be removed for the first 2 months.

By the way, decorative wraps are used not only for circulars, but also for all types of septum decorations, except for the clicker. They can be of any color: gold, black, white, red and others.

Separately, it should be said about the blende septum. They are installed in the nose without a puncture and help outwardly assess whether such an attribute suits you or not. The only thing is that it is better not to wear such a fake in public.

Photo of the septum in guys and girls

It’s no secret that piercings are done by both men and women. It is the same here. Anyone can pierce the septum, regardless of gender. Below we attach a photo gallery of healed septums in guys and girls.


Who would not say what and how would not relate to it, but one cannot say for sure that septums do not go-to guys? With the help of them, you can also emphasize your character, as well as with the help of more ordinary attributes.


A septum puncture in girls looks very beautiful and sexy. When you see a girl’s nose ring, the sensations are about the same as if you saw her tongue pierced.

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