The History of Perfume and Why We Wear It

Did you know in 2018, the modern perfume industry was valued at 31.4 billion? Most predict it to keep on growing into 2025!

When looking at an industry this big, it’s sometimes easy to forget its origins. There are reasons some industries grow while others fade away, and it usually has to do with how they’re able to evolve with the times. 

The history of perfume is fascinating, dating back to ancient Egypt. Want to learn more about perfume and why we still wear it today? Keep reading to learn more about its rich and fragrant past. 

When Was Perfume Invented?

Let us look at the history of perfume from the beginning. Throughout history, a variety of cultures have used scent. Incense could be considered one of the first forms of perfume used in religious rituals and ceremonies dating back 4000 years to Mesopotamia.

But, how long have we been wearing perfume on our skin? In the Golden Age of Egypt, perfumes were used strictly by priests until they grew popular, and the masses started using scented oils in their baths and on their skin. 

Since its first recorded history in Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt, perfume has grown and expanded. It has roots in many different cultures and kept alive throughout the Dark Ages by the Muslim world

Have Perfumes Evolved Over the Years?

Over the years, the types of perfume have evolved. The Hungarians introduced the first “modern perfume,” created when Queen Elizabeth of Hungary asked for it. Called Hungary Water, it was a mix of scented oils blended with an alcohol solution. As the years went on, perfume spread to more and more countries, and its use continued to rise, especially in France. 

In the nineteenth century, most perfumes had a single scent from a single flower. These days, perfumes and colognes are much more complicated due to our ability to manipulate modern chemical principles and synthetic smells. 

These days, the perfume industry is still thriving. Fashion designers like Jean Paul Gaultier and other cosmetics companies work with chemists to figure out what blends work best. 

Some Fast Facts About Perfume

Is perfume for girls only? The answer is no! Everyone can find a fragrance, perfume, or cologne that works for them. 

Men and women throughout history have used perfume. Initially, it was primarily used by the wealthy but has become more affordable to everyone as modern advances have made it more accessible. 

Now You Know All About the History of Perfume

Reading about the history of perfume is fascinating and can open your eyes to how industries evolve. Humans seem to have always loved things that smell good, which is maybe why perfume is still being bought today. 

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