The Top Free Animation Tools!

Are you worried that your video obsession will go to waste because you don’t have a video camera or don’t know which software to use for editing? Then you need not worry because now all you need is internet access to get the best platform for creating animated videos using the Free Animation Tools.

Animated videos are a great live source to express your love, care and emotions to someone special, or to make someone laugh or for putting that extra oomph to your professional presentations. These can also assist in advertisements to cater to a larger consumer population and even by instructors to keep their students involved in an interactively creative manner in their lessons. The following are the top  Free Animation Tools that you can opt for to create professional-looking videos.

  1. Dvolver

Dvolver is a fun-filled and user-friendly platform that will introduce you to the creative world involving animations and the best part is that this software is totally free and will allow you to share your created work with your social circle over email.

Top Animation Tool

You will be given the choice to select a particular scenario for the animation you are trying to make from a collection of pre-generated backgrounds and then you will be required to choose a plot. Then you can move on to the fun part where you can select characters for your animations and given them dialogues or set background music! Hurrah! Your video is now done. The signature style of the Dvolver Free Animation Tool is that it will create witty and funny animations.

  1. Xtranormal

Xtranormal is another Free Animation Tools that provide a fun way to create animated videos. All you have to do is register for an account and begin making a video absolutely free of cost however you will be required to make a payment if you wish to share your animation over email with your friends.

Top Animation Tool

This Free Animation Tool creates your animation in three steps which involves selecting your characters for the animation, generating dialogues and then putting a suitable background. The best part about Xtranormal out of all the other Free Animation Tools is that this provides you an immense control over the tiny elements of your animation. You will be able to select the angles of your camera, options to zoom in and you can even customize the movements of your characters according to the requirements.

  1. GoAnimate / Vyond

GoAnimate Is Vyond now is a web-based service that provides you the perfect platform to generate an animated video through the characters that have already been programmed, a collection of themes, and a setting option. You can then personalize your video by signing in to your Vyond account however if you invest a little for the Vyond plus version, you will be able to unlock even more fun-filled tools.

Vyond Tutorials: Creating Custom Characters - YouTube

With the Vyond Free Animation Tool you will be able to assign your characters a designated place on the display, customize their size and set the character movements as you want them to appear. You will also have the liberty of setting camera angles and option for zoom ins for your video scenes. You will also be provided with the option for the text-to-speech audio or you can even record your own voice to assign dialogue to your characters.

  1. Animoto

Animoto is that tool out of all the Free Animation Tools which lets you assign your own images, video files and audio files to create fantastic animated videos instead of restricting you to the pre-programmed characters. You will also be given the option to generate 30 second animated videos free of cost that too unlimited number of times however you will get wider options for such videos by purchasing a paid account.

Top Animation Tool

Adding content on to an Animoto video is very simple; you can add video files, images and music which are already saved on your PC. You will also be given the option to upload files from Facebook or Flickr accounts. Once the video is created, you can share this with your family and friends over email or can even post it through the embed code given to you by Animoto, or alternately you can download the file on to your PC but you will have to pay a small fee.

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