Types of annoying Employees

Talent management in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) must be more thorough than in large enterprises. Because the empty seat without one person looks much bigger. In the process of recruiting a replacement workforce, the burden on those around you becomes greater.

Reasons workers leave the company has several branches. In some cases, they choose a company that offers a higher salary or leave in search of better working conditions. If there is a position with a particularly high employee churn rate, the employer should check it at least once, rather than keep refilling it.

​If there is an employee who makes the organization sick, the rate of employees who work with them will leave the company. Many workers say:

A retiree who has a lot to say but leaves without saying anything

The reason it’s hard for employers to recognize employees who make their organizations sick is that most of the employees who resign are quietly leaving. Most retirees consider the same industry when preparing to change jobs. Because there is a risk that we may meet again, if possible, we recommend that you leave the company quietly without causing any disturbance. The fewer people in the field, the more cautious you become when you cross the bridge a few times and you know everything.

​The story gets more complicated if the business owner moves on knowing that the employee has a problemEven if it was not intended by the employer, it may appear to other employees that the employer is embracing the worker. Then you will never talk to any staff about the same issue again.

​It will only increase the number of employees passing through it. Recently, when looking at job postings, it is important to consider how many job postings have been made for the job in the last 1 to 3 years. If the cycle is short, the company judges there is a problem and does not apply.

Exactly which employees make the organization sick?

There are many types of employees that are not good for your organization, but the worst type is the one who is always negative and complains a lot. The reason people with such a personality are dangerous is that they spread negative energy to those around them, making the organization helpless and hostile to each other. The main characteristics of a negative person are:

1. Can’t see the big picture

Perhaps it is the biggest weakness of negative employees. When judging the cooperation between employees in work or the content of reports posted by subordinates, it is common to pick up on trivial details such as spelling rather than understanding the most important content or situation.

​If an employee who likes to gossip about everything is located in the middle manager, he will not be able to get along well with his subordinates or co-workers. Also, if you miss the core and focus on the little things, you won’t get good results.

2. No communication.

It’s hard to hear compliments from a negative person’s mouth. In most situations, mocking or demeaning the other person makes it hard to have a proper conversation because the language habit is hardened. It is insensitive to the wounds the other person receives.

Criticism for criticism rather than wholesome criticism is granted to hurt the people around to blame the most criticism. If you receive criticism from the other person, it often comes out as a negative reaction, so people naturally keep you away from it.

A company must create synergy among its members. If basic dialogue is difficult, synergy is of course difficult to expect.

3. There is no alternative.

Rarely among people with complaints come up with a solution with criticism (or accusation). In other words, it is not possible to proceed in a constructive direction in a discussion or meeting because you do not express your own opinion and only criticize the other party.

In addition, if you always make a hole for yourself to get out of and put the blame on someone, you can say that it is the worst type of employee.

4. There is no self-reflection.

In fact, when someone points out such a problem, they are often unaware of their own faults. This is what happens if you don’t spend any time on self-reflection. Problems that arise from themselves are always found elsewhere, so loopholes in logic arise and conflicts with the other party deepen.

A characteristic of a negative employee is that there is no heartfelt apology or reflection. I always believe that the problem lies not with me, but with someone else or external factors. So, even in the same situation, you can be generous with yourself and set strict standards for others.

As mentioned earlier, employees who have negative verbal expressions, behaviors, and thoughts have a huge negative impact on the organization. In order to succeed in organizational management, it can be said that the first thing to do is to select the right person for the middle manager and the talent who is working hard for the development of the company in the right place.

​Employers who frequently leave the company for external work must always pay attention to the breathing among their employees. It may be that just one employee has fired all the talented people who will lead the company. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have a significant impact on the company’s sales according to the competency and number of key talents. The moment the business owner thinks that a good thing is good, the seawater may already be entering the company’s ship with a large hole.

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