What is Weeb Tv? Detailed Review

WEEB TV allows you to easily create your own multimedia channel! Create your own TV or radio. Broadcast live from your home computer with the simple Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder (free download from adobe.com). Everyone will be able to watch your own channel or listen to your radio!

Multimedia Channel on Weeb Tv
Photo by Obi Onyeador on Unsplash

This way WEEB TV is a place where you can find Polish TV via the Internet. Important live broadcasts or popular TV channels run by users from all over the world. (Orignal Source www.weeb.tv)

What is Weeb TV?

What is Weeb TV? It is a new Internet television program that is starting to become more well known. Created by Christian Broadcasting Network, it is a service that allows you to watch various programs on your computer. The service offers free episodes of popular TV shows, along with other seasonal programming that can be downloaded onto your computer. It also offers a variety of Christian-themed programming.

What is Weeb TV? was created to provide an alternative for those who did not enjoy the usual channel selection available from most cable and satellite companies. The program was originally developed as a promotional campaign for the Christian Science Monitor, using Weeb TV as a way to promote the positive news coverage that the Christian Science Monitor had been giving to Christian groups, as well as other conservative groups. Through this campaign, it was hoped that more people would turn to Weeb TV to watch their favorite programs instead of relying on traditional TV.

The first Weeb TV broadcasts were on a different channel than the Christian Science Monitor was using at the time. The station had decided to use the Weeb TV brand in order to make a more dramatic and memorable impact on the viewing audience. This brand came from Weeb Segal, who had previously worked for other well-known cable and satellite television channels. After leaving Weeb Segal’s position at A&E, he began working on a new concept for Weeb TV. Eventually, this led him to develop Weeb TV as Weeb TV channel, which is now in over 100 million homes across America.

What is Weeb TV? is a basic cable network that provides its users with a selection of different Christian themed programs and shows. These include programs like the Bible Story Show, Daytime Bible TV, Jesus TV, and Sunday morning with Jesus. The primary goal of the program is to provide viewers with a channel where they can easily tune into a program that they enjoy. There are no special subscription fees or extra costs involved.

What is Weeb TV for kids? The channel is designed for children and families to watch together. The emphasis is on Christian educational and entertaining content, and not too much profanity or nudity. The emphasis on educational programming allows parents to have peace of mind when they leave their children to watch television. Many of the shows can even be viewed with your children.

What is Weeb TV for adults? The idea is that after you leave the kids in a family room to watch a program, they can go back and watch it again later. You can even watch a different program each day of the week. In addition to the Christian oriented programming, there are other channels that provide entertainment and educational content that is geared towards adults as well. This can add an interesting twist on traditional cable television.

Who is a product like this and why would I want it for myself? If you are interested in providing educational and entertaining content for your children, as well as entertaining them while they are watching it, you may want to consider Weeb TV. There are a variety of different programs available, and each one provides something a bit different. As you become more familiar with the program, you can decide if you want to spend more time watching one particular program, or if you would prefer to move your time to different programs each day.

What is Weeb TV? It is definitely not the first network television station to incorporate Christian programming into its programming, but it certainly is one that is making a name for itself and drawing a lot of attention. With all of the channels that it offers, it is easy to see why this company is growing in leaps and bounds. With all of the options that you have, you will surely be entertained by what you see each day. Whether you are looking for Christian oriented entertainment, educational programming, or even just something different from the countless other channels on television, you will find a number of things to entertain you with.

How To Install Weeb TV On Your PC

Today, we will be discussing the Weeb TV add-on. If you’re interested in viewing live T.V shows, then the Weeb TV addon is definitely a great solution. It comes with many different categories such as TV shows, movies, series, music and so much more. One important thing to remember about this add on is that it does have some buffering capabilities without using regular buffering methods.

Weeb tv


You can install the Weeb TV on your PC or you can use the Weeb TV addon which is very easy to install. You can either download the zip file of this Weeb TV if you want to install it manually on your PC. However, installing manually would not be that great as the other option. You can also go for the built-in installation in this Weeb TV. The built-in installation gives you a very easy time since it has been made very simple and easy to understand.

When you have installed the Weeb TV, there will be two screens in Weeb TV. One of the screens will display the home screen, which you can access by clicking on the “home” icon on the lower right corner. And the other screen will be the pay-per-view or premium screen. By clicking on the premium icon, you can directly access the premium channels in this weeb tv.

When you have installed the Weeb TV on your pc, firstly, you need to log into your account, which is connected to Weeb TV Premium. Click on “sign up now” on the login page. After that, you will be asked to key in your e-mail address and your credit card details. This step is important because the e-mail id and the credit card id are the two information needed to activate the bank transfer, the premium channel access, and the e-mail notification.

After that, you will be asked to choose a movie to watch by selecting from the Weeb TV’s list. Once you have chosen a movie to watch, the next step is to choose a category. The movie genre is presented on the top of the Weeb TV interface and you will find many categories like action, drama, kids, comedy and film, music and children. Once you have selected one category, the next step is to browse through the list. In this section, you will find many links to other related movies, so you can easily choose one that you like.

The next section, called the “video streams list”, contains all the video streams available for your use. Video streams are available for free and for a fee. You can see all the videos in high definition format. Each link has a small description and there are also links that will take you directly to the video stream. Most video streams are encrypted, but some are not, so you have to look at the title and the url to know what kind of compression you want to use when watching Weeb TV.

The final step before installation is to download the Weeb TV app from the app store. You will need to sign in using your existing account in the WeebTV website. When signing up, choose your username and password and enter your zip file. Once you have successfully signed up, you will see an activation link on the bottom of your screen and the Weeb TV icon.

Finally, you will be able to access your Weeb TV account by clicking on the Premium tab at the top. On the Premium tab, click on the link ” Subscribe to Weeb TV.” You will be asked to enter your e-mail address and other important information such as your payment process, username and subscription duration. After you have completed the signup process, you will be shown your user account details.

Free Version of Weeb Tv

Free Version of Weeb tv offers you a limited view of the programs and other entertainment stuff. The limited version is just to test the operation of the WEEB TV application for people who do not have or have not yet purchased premium and want to try the service for the first time.

Limitations for Free Weeb Tv Users

The maximum playback time of the video is depending on the video transferred (minimum can be 100MB, Although the value may change depending on the Video length), After that need to wait for the given lock time to reset the limit.

The Watch time of the video for Non-premium customers to watch Limited, Unlimited, or No Access at all, all depends on the number of viewers of the Particular video.

What is the meaning of Colour Icons on WeebTv

Free Users of Weeb tv may See Different color Icons on the Application. only Non – Premium can see these colors. Premium Customers of weeb tv may see the Start sign next to their name. Each color has different meanings explained below:

Green Icon on Weeb Tv: Green Icon color means a small number of people and limits are disabled.

Yellow Icon Weeb Tv: Yellow indicates the average number of viewers and limits are active.

Red Icon on Weeb tv: Red color means a large number of people; People with premium have access to watch.

Premium Services of Weeb tv

  • Premium service subscribers of weeb tv can access any show unlimited times. Regardless of the viewers on the video premium users can watch shows unlimited times.
  • Premium Subscribers of weeb tv have private and priority access on the platform and many video links.
  • Premium Subscribers of weeb tv will see no popup ads during the playtime.

How to Buy Premium Subscription on Weeb Tv

Go to the Premium tab and select the package you are interested in in the indicated currency and price, then you will be asked to choose a payment method. We offer online payments as well as ordinary bank transfers, we also accept credit cards. After making and completing the payment, you will receive a code that must be activated on your account!

Payment Method for Premium Weeb tv Subscriber

Premium Services of Weeb tv

You can make payment to weeb tv using multiple methods mentioned below:

  • Buy a voucher for activation (Polskie Banks / Blik)

    The code will be displayed after payment and sent to e-mail. It must be activated.

  • Payment by bank transfer (Polish banks)

    Premium is activated automatically

  • Payment by SEPA bank transfer

    Premium is activated automatically

  • Payment by credit card (Surpify)

    Premium is activated automatically

    Available currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, PLN

  • Payment by credit card

    Premium is activated automatically

  • PayPal payment / Bank transfer from UK

    You will receive the code by e-mail. It needs to be activated.

  • Bitcoin

    For advanced users.
    Premium will be activated automatically.

What if you Don’t receive a Premium code from Weeb tv?

What if you Don't receive a Premium code from Weeb tv?
Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

  • Codes are generated within one minute to 24 hours from the moment the money is deposited on the Website’s billing accounts. Holidays such as New Year’s Eve, Easter, and other major holidays may be exceptions. If this time has been extended, go to the Online Payment Processing section and check if your bank is currently booking transfers, if not, you have to wait until the next session of booking transfers in your bank.
  • There is no e-mail address or transaction ID (if the payment process requires it) or the entered data is incorrect. Enter only your e-mail address and if the transaction identification number was provided in the payment title (as in the instructions in the payment process), we do not need any other information, on the contrary, it may block your payment with too much information. Please pay attention when making a transfer by another person, that the e-mail address should be entered accurately and correctly in the transfer title, and if the payment instruction requires it, enter the transaction ID.
  • Making a transfer to a bank other than that declared in the payment process.
  • The code was generated and sent to the client, but the automatic mail system collapsed (for example, the mail server is unavailable, the parcel is treated as SPAM, other unknown reasons) and it did not provide confirmation to the e-mail address. In this case, access the account that is assigned to the e-mail address provided in the payment title. Go to the Your transactions section and you will find the code you purchased there. Please note that these are occasional and very rare events, but access to the service is not limited, so we recommend checking your transactions in the panel.
  • If you contact us about not receiving a premium code, please describe the whole situation, especially specifying the type of payment (bank name, broker); how it was made, the amount of the payment, the e-mail address provided in the transfer title or the e-mail address to which the electronic wallet belongs. If you can, please provide us with your transaction ID; as well as the date and time of the operation. If you have an e-mail or other file (e.g. PDF, HTML) confirming the payment, attach it to the message, it will certainly help us solve the situation. We will try to solve the problem or answer your questions as soon as possible.

What does it take to use WEEBTV correctly?

  • Adobe Flash Player, version 10.3 – Download, install
  • Internet connection with a bandwidth of at least 1 Mbit / s (for high quality channels 3 Mbit / s). When the recommended speed is lower, the player will repeatedly enter a buffering state, preventing you from smooth viewing. Check your connection speed to our network …
  • Free ports: 80, 1935. When the ports are inaccessible (blocked), the player will not be able to make a video or service call. Examples of programs that may block access: anti-virus, firewall, Windows firewall. Check availability of required ports …
  • Web browser: the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome.
  • Internet Explorer is a browser that is not recommended for using the site.
  • Using older versions of the software does not guarantee the correct functioning of the website and the player.
  • Note! The date in the system should be consistent with the current date, if the date is several years higher, an error may occur in the player, it is related to the Adobe software in which our player operates. Updating the date should fix the problem

Mobile Version of Weeb Tv

On your Android Tv, You can use a plugin of Weebtv on Kodi from Playstore. To use WEEBTV mobile, you need Kodi (formerly XBMC) software, it is a multimedia entertainment center.


1. Download using a web browser and install the Kodi program on your device, choosing the version appropriate for your platform, eg Android, Windows, or Linux (Kodi can be found easily and quickly in the Play Store on your Android device).

2. Then download the WEEBTV plugin as a zip file (plugin.video.weeb.tv- [version number] .zip).

3. Now run the installed Kodi program on your device (computer, TV, telephone, console, etc.), then go to the ‘SYSTEM’ tab, select ‘Add-ons’ from the menu, then ‘Install from zip file’ – find the downloaded previously WEEBTV plug in the form of a zip file. After clicking on the zip file, the plugin installation will start.

4. After the plug-in is installed correctly, go back to the main screen where, by going to the ‘VIDEO’ and then ‘Video Add-ons’ tab, you will find the WEEB.TV plug! Remember that both the Kodi program and the WEEBTV plugin are also available in Polish – you can change the default language settings in the ‘SYSTEM’ tab.

(older version of XBMC Media Center, when the new one doesn’t work for phones with ANDROID system (xbmcapp.apk) download here http://static.weeb.tv/xbmcapp.apk )


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