12 best ear piercing ideas for men and their benefits

Ear piercings are both a tradition and a fashion, they have been around for many years and are still being practiced. It is customary for women around the world to pierce their ears. But these days, men also do the same as before. There are many men’s parlors and piercing centers that are soaring due to the craze between men and boys. This center not only offers piercing services but also sells some nice accessories for men.

In this article, we have curated the latest and best ear piercing ideas and benefits for jewelry to experiment with men.

10 health benefits of ear piercings for men:

There’s more to ear piercing than style. Behind this tradition is proven scientific advantage, making it the most preferred by men and boys.

  • Piercing Is Widely Accepted In All Traditions And Can Be A Form Of Expression Of Culture.
  • Piercing Is Based On Acupuncture Techniques That Can Treat Numerous Problems.
  • Daith Piercings Are Known To Treat Migraine Sufferers.
  • According To Certain Traditions, Piercing Is Said To Improve A Person’s Vision Depending On The Area Of ​​​​The Piercing.
  • Piercings In The Auricle Are Said To Help With Digestive And Menstrual Problems.
  • According To Acupressure, Nerves That Connect The Brain Have Passed Through The Earlobe. Piercing Activates The Nerves, Accelerating The Development Of The Brain.
  • Certain Studies Have Shown That Piercing The Earlobe At A Young Age Can Minimize Or Negate Damage Related To The Throat, Eyes, Tongue, And Ears.
  • Piercing The Area 1 Inch Above The Standard Lobe Can Help Treat Back Pain.
  • In Addition To Health Benefits, Piercings Can Also Be A Form Of Expression Of Male Creativity And Rebellion
  • Choosing A Different Piece Of Jewelry Can Help You Stand Out From The Crowd.

Different types of ear piercings for men:

Let’s find the top 12 men’s ear piercings for a stylish look here.

1. Luke Piercing:

Luke Piercing

This is one of the most difficult and most popular designs according to ear piercing artists. It hurts a lot, but once it’s over it looks great. However, this design can be very difficult to achieve if the ear does not have adequate cartilage folds. In this type of piercing, the cartilage is pierced with the help of a piercing gun, and many say that it hurts more than a regular piercing. You can choose a hook with a ball or a small hook for a whimsical look.

2. Spiral Piercing:

Spiral Piercing

Piercing the helix is ​​one of the most sophisticated ways to intercept your ears. The spiral has two sides and can be pierced in both directions. The helix can be pierced with one or more rings. Many celebrities and sportsmen cut through the spiral, creating a stylish and colorful look. The pain is felt relatively more than the upper cartilage in the ear. However, once done, you can experiment with various studs, loops, and rods in the shape of the corresponding statement.

3. Measurement of the earlobe:

round Piercing

This is an ear piercing fashion that is popular with teenagers around the world. In this type of piercing, the existing through hole is stretched and expanded to give a larger earring. This is one of the most interesting ear piercing options for both men and men. This style is more popular for punk lifestyle choices.

4. Lobe Piercing:

lobe Piercing

Lobe piercing is the simplest and easiest form of ear piercing. The earlobe has a hole in the bottom and comes in a variety of jewelry of different sizes. Compared to other ear piercing forms, this will minimize injuries and you will not experience much pain in the process.

5. 2 weeks piercing:

Weeks Piercing

The migration is the outer part of the ear. It is the thick part of the entire ear cartilage. Large and heavy earrings cannot be inserted in this section. Rather, you need to drill small and light rings. Typically, circular rings are worn on the trajectory.

6. Snug Piercing:

snug Piercing

Often the inner part of the rim is perforated and looks great. Ball or round earrings are usually worn on this part of the ear. The piercing process is a bit painful. Cozy piercings are also called anti-helix piercings because they are adjacent to the helix. Cozy piercings will definitely make you look attractive.

7. Industrial piercing:

industrial Piercing

There is no such type of ear piercing in the world. It is a unique way of piercing the ear, also known as scaffold piercing. There are two holes in the ear cartilage facing each other. Long earrings that look like pieces of wire form a connecting line between the two holes through the hole.

8. Daith Piercing:

Piercing Tour

Daith Piercing is done in the inner cartilage of the ear. A thin wire is used to pierce the internal cartilage and is considered the most difficult and painful piercing procedure. The risk of infection is quite high with this type of piercing. Daith piercings are considered by many for their migraine relief potential. The most popular jewelry ring of all sizes and shapes. However, the hole can be closed immediately after removing the ring, like in the cartilage area.

9. Orbital Piercing:

orbital Piercing

This is the most versatile piercing style and you can experiment with a variety of variations. To get this style, you need to make two holes in any part of the ear. The most popular ear areas are the helix, the earlobe, and the outer edge of the ear. Orbital piercings typically use two balls or a soft ring that comes with a ball enclosure. Care should be taken not to choose heavy and large rings to avoid pain or piercing moves.

10. Anti-tragus piercing:

anti targus Piercing

Anti-Tragus piercing is done in the raised folds of the cartilage on the outside of the ear. Piercing can be too difficult or impossible for someone with a small anti-migration feature. The pain level is quite high with this type of piercing. The most common jewelery of this style are curved barbells, ball closure rings, or round barbells.

11.Conch piercing:

conch Piercing

Conch is the largest area of ​​​​the ear and gets its name from its shape. In conch piercing, the conch area can be pierced to become an inner conch or an outer conch. The inner conch piercing covers the lower part of the conch, while the upper part is the outer conch area. The level of pain depends on the size of the hole and can increase with the choice of jewelry. The most common accessories are rings, ball bars, and studs.

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12. Forward Spiral Piercing:

forward spiral Piercing

Forward helix piercing is the most popular style for men. This trend is chosen by many who like to create a unique look and keep it subtle. In anterior helix piercing, the upper cartilage of the ear facing anteriorly is pierced. Optional double and triple helix piercings are also available. You can choose studs and simple rings to highlight the area.

Whatever your personality, men and boys have different styles to choose from to make their own statement. Experiment with a variety of jewelry and accessories to create a whole new look every day. However, you need to be careful that piercings are made only by professionals. Also, you should not wear heavy jewelry or choose cheap metal to reduce the chance of tearing and infection. Always choose low-allergic jewelry and leave it light until the area heals. You also need to maintain hygiene and frequently clean the affected area with a cotton swab.

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