Business Idea: Home Bakery Business

Bakery opening is a rather popular business today. Bread is pointed, hot soft bread and all kinds of cakes will always have to be used, and can someone reject such a delicacy? This product is regularly purchased at the counter to all floors of the population. And if we have a good idea of ​​the business plan and competently organize our business, then the bakery will be profitable even at home.

Business function

Often, the manufacture of flour and confectionery is a privilege of large corporations. However, such manufacturers can not use recipes exclusively and submit unusual ideas and specific baking, for example, according to old recipes from the last few years, for this purpose, production and technology changes will have to be made, which will cost quite a bit. In turn, the advantages of a homemade mini bakery are:

  • It doesn’t require a big investment.
  • It can even be fired in his kitchen.
  • You have the right to work without dealers and dealers, which creates a comfortable price for the buyer.
  • The scope can be easily changed according to the interests of customers and raw materials.

Business registration

So, you decided to do some baking at home, but not so successful, because your home bakery may be called a waste project.

It’s better to start happening for a certain customer at first, so you can do without registering your business. If you want to go exclusively by legal means, you can start working with an already existing legal entity or individual entrepreneur who has been granted permission for this type of activity. At the same time as a percentage of profit, you don’t have to worry about business processes. It is very tempting and many people will be happy to meet you. However, it is advisable to place at least a quarter bet on this company to avoid problems with regulators. However, it is not worth staying in this option for a long time, as he has downsides.

If necessary, the legalization of your business is one of the most important items that require product selling options. If the customer is a worker in a close office, friends, colleagues and acquaintances, you can do it without registering at first. Registration is required if you plan to supply products to your store. Also, do not forget about the certification of the product. You will also need it when working with the store.

If you decide to go exactly this way, it is important to choose the right organizational and legal form. IP or LLC.

Individual entrepreneurs are the average between physical and legal entities. This form is usually registered if a person works alone or with very small employees. IP is easy to open and easy to close. Besides, things are much easier to tax. The most suitable option-UTII is also 15% or 6%. Accounting is also pretty simple, and it can be completed or hired to outsource employees.

Limited liability companies are mostly more suitable for large companies that have property on a large balance sheet. Ltd. is also easy to open, but the ratio for higher taxes than higher than PI is much more difficult.

So, for small businesses organized at home, the legal form of individual entrepreneurs will be much more.

Product range

The important question is the assortment and its formation. The variety of products will always attract the attention of the buyer. And it’s not that their interest isn’t fading, it’s not just the price and quality, but you have to create new tastes and baking.

You may not specialize in one thing or reach a greater extent.

  • It makes pies and other products from yeast dough that can be baked or fried.
  • Make cakes, cakes, gingerbread and more. It’s a pretty popular direction now.
  • Bake all kinds of bread.

The options are set, but since large-scale products cannot compete with home bakery products, it is to develop and improve your niche, development and technology and production. And when using a variety of natural bakery mixtures, you can succeed in creating new unusual tastes. For example, Rye flour and heat-treated malt will give it a darker color, an unusual taste and bake aroma. In addition, the mixture helps to improve not only the shelf life, but also the quality of the product and establish the technology of production (dry starters quickly contribute to the bread). And their consumption is very small.

Equipment needed

The manufacture of non-produced bakery products should not be spent on expensive equipment. Almost everything you need has in your kitchen:

  • Gas or electric stove (convection is excellent);
  • Pot and nurse;
  • Shape for bread;
  • Desktop scales;
  • Refrigerators and freezers;
  • knife.

Nevertheless, if you need to knead a large amount of dough, it is better to purchase a test. It will greatly facilitate this process. Its cost, as a rule, starts from 20,000 rubles. A test with a capacity of 16 liters is enough to make a mini bakery at home.

Where and how you need to get raw materials

The most needed raw material is, of course, flour. It can be of different varieties. It depends on your assortment. For example, it is now very popular to make roasted bread from coarse-ground flour.

It makes no sense to acquire flour for baking in a large combine. They are not interested in belonging and large purchases are not suitable for home production. The best option would be to buy raw materials for a wholesale base.

Of course, in addition to flour for baking:

  • Sugar and salt;
  • butter;
  • yeast;
  • Thickener, baking powder, etc.
  • Many materials for creation and landscape.

Start cost

The main cost of organizing a mini bakery at home is the equipment we talked about earlier. Except for mold and dough, there are almost everyone in the house that they already have. However, you cannot forget about the cost of raw materials. Its amount depends on the range.

Should pay off

In general, the initial investment in a mini bakery is practically not required, so it will be justified in a few months. It all depends on the scale of production you intend. In addition, there are programs in Russia that support small and medium-sized businesses that can help novice entrepreneurs.

We should not forget that buyers are always looking for new and unusual products that can only be found in such entrepreneurs. And it would be better to match it with a better taste. It will become a more successful home bakery. If you have the opportunity to open this “delicious” business, you shouldn’t spend a lot of time on reflections. You can safely start implementing your ideas.

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