Netflix Error Codes- “Whoops, Something went wrong!”

Without a doubt, Netflix is the biggest and the most renowned online library for TV shows and movies and is essentially a platform that is accessed by millions of people all across the globe. What spoils the fun is when all of a sudden in the middle of your most awaited episode or film the following message pops up, “Whoops, something went wrong, an unexpected error has occurred, please reload the page and try again”. If you see this message it is essentially because of one of the Netflix Error Codes that we will discuss in this article in detail.

In addition to this message, the error code will also be shown which if you are able to recognize successfully will allow you to fix the problem in a blink of an eye. Keep reading ahead to know all the Netflix Error Codes that can potentially appear and spoil your streaming fun.

Netflix Error code
Netflix Error Code: H7361-1253-80070006

Why it occurs? Your Internet Browser is not updated to the latest version.

How to fix it? Install the latest browser update.

Netflix error: S7111-1309

Why it occurs? Netflix is facing issues with the server.

How to fix it? Well, all you can do is sit and wait.

Netflix Error: NW-2-5

Why it occurs? There is definitely an issue with your internet connection.

How to fix it? See that your internet connection is properly configured through Wi-Fi or mobile network.

Netflix Error: S7111-1957-205002

Why it occurs? On a Mac device this error means that there is an issue with the Safari web browser.

How to fix it? Remove the website data related to Netflix on Safari.

Netflix Error code

Netflix Error: S7111-1101

Why it occurs? The browser data needs to be updated.

How to fix it? You need to re-configure cookies through this:

Netflix Error: 100

Why it occurs? This occurs because of a faulty connection or late software usage.

How to fix it? Install the latest software update and check your internet.

Netflix error: 30103

Why it occurs? This error mostly shows up on Apple TV if it isn’t in connection with Netflix.

How to fix it? Operate a test for connectivity and run a network check.

Netflix Error: 111

Why it occurs? The app is not connected with the TV or any other device around.

How to fix it? Clear all the App Data.

Netflix Error code

Netflix Error: UI-113

Why it occurs? This error indicates that the device cannot connect to Netflix

How to fix it? Go to the Setting on Android then to Apps and then navigate to System Apps and finally click on Netflix. Clear the data of the App and log in to Netflix again.

Netflix Error: 10013

Why it occurs? This error appears when there is an issue with downloads

How to fix it? You must disable or stop any VPN or proxy for some time

Netflix Error: ui-800-3

Why it occurs? The connection to Netflix service is not established

How to fix it? Sign out of your Netflix account and sign in again. Then clear the app cache and install the app again.

Netflix Error: 9

Why it occurs? This means that Netflix has an issue and needs to shut down

How to fix it? Uninstall the Netflix App and reinstall it then run the start virus program

Netflix Error: 0013

Why it occurs? This is an error that shows up on Android smartphones

How to fix it? You must boot up your device, clear the App Cache and then re-install the Netflix App on your Android device.

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