3 Reasons Why Organic Products Are in Such High Demand

One of the things which so many owners of small convenience shops and larger supermarkets have been noticing of late is that there seems to be a bigger demand on organic foods and beverages. This is common not only in the UK, but in most countries in the Western World. While it could be said that it is just one aspect of a stronger focus on sustainability, that probably isn’t as important as you might believe.

After all, if sustainability and climate change were as prevalent in society as they should be, a greater number of consumers would be driving electric vehicles and powering their homes with solar power. With that being said, there are a few commonalities being expressed as shoppers make their way through the queues. Here are the three most common reasons why organic products are in such high demand.

1. Fear of Toxic Chemicals

If you have been following the news of late, you will have undoubtedly noticed that there has been much written on just how many lawsuits are out there regarding tainted products. It isn’t about being spoiled but more a matter of having been contaminated with toxic chemicals. Even some of the alcohol people are buying is distilled with chemicals so there is a greater demand for beverages such as organic gin. This particular organic alcohol is often used in naturopathic herbal tinctures.

Another common alcohol purchased more for health benefits than as a beverage is organic cane alcohol which is also used as a natural preservative and why some people use it when canning. It is often used in place of nitrates and nitrites because it is safer.

2. Higher Nutritional Values

Then there is the concern that some foods have been so overly processed that they have lost all their nutritional value. More and more customers are shopping at international chains like Whole Foods that sell only organic foods that have no chemical preservatives whatsoever.

3. Repeat Inspections Because of Organic Status

There is so much distrust of the food and beverage industry lately that today’s consumers are actually happy to know that any area of the industry labelling itself as ‘organic’ will be subjected to an increasing number of inspections. Government inspectors pull out all the stops when ascertaining that there are no chemicals used in agriculture or processing. This reassures consumers that they will not be subjected to dangerous chemicals.

Whether you own and operate a convenience shop or one that sells organic cosmetics, you will have noticed that there is a greater demand for anything and everything organic. Your cost may be higher and although you can mark products up a bit, you will still make a lesser amount of profit. Even so, it’s well worth cutting your profit back a bit to know that you are catering to the wants and needs of today’s consumer. If you are able to address their needs, you will begin noticing a greater number of consumers shopping with you, and that’s what being in business is all about.

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