Why are there so many children who become disloyal to their parents?

More and more children are turning away from their parents and leading a more peaceful life. However, dissent is not always the best choice for dealing with differences, conflicts or inconsistencies.

Recently, many children make the choice to disagree with their parents. more common in Western countries

In this regard, there is a study conducted by Professor Carl A. Pilemer. According to a study by Professor Filemer, who is the dean of the Department of Human Ecology at Cornell University, US, many people are severing ties with their parents and other family members. There are many people who end their relationship completely for various extreme reasons, rather than naturally becoming distant as they become adults.

Why do children dislike their parents?

A related survey was conducted in the United States in 2020.

1 in 4 Americans said they had broken up with their family

A similar survey was conducted in the UK and found similar results, with 1 in 5 Brits estranged from their family.

Similar investigations were later carried out in Canada and Australia. Similar results were also confirmed, and there was also talk of home collapse in Australia and Canada at the time .

Online support group for people who have distanced themselves from their families

Why does this happen?

They argued that the most decisive factor for children to dislodge their parents was the act of violence.

These situations include physical, verbal, emotional or sexual violence

Adult children do not tolerate the same abuse as they did when they were children. At the same time, it promotes a situation where one becomes an aggressor and cuts off ties with parents.

In addition, the situation in which a new family is formed due to the divorce of the parents has a great influence on the discord with the parents.

core values

Values ​​also influence the disobedience of children and parents. Coleman said that one in three mothers who distanced themselves from her children cited values ​​as a reason.

Sexual diversity, religious beliefs, alternative lifestyles and political polarization

It also makes you feel lost and sad .

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