How to get rid of the iPhone email not working Error?

Why do we invest in expensive iPhones like those from Apple? It is so that one can always remain in touch with the world constantly and can perform their day-to-day activities and business without any hiccups or restrictions in the middle. However, since iPhone is also a machinery it can show error from time to time and the iPhone email not working error is one of these.

One of the best benefits of the iPhone is that it can keep himself up to date with everyone no matter where he is. Whether it’s by text, social media, or email, your iPhone is your communications lifeline to the world. And that’s what makes it so frustrating when your iPhone email is not working properly. There could be multiple reasons that might be causing your phone/iPhone not to be able to download email so keep reading to know how to get rid of the iPhone email not working error.


 iPhone Network Connection Problem

At times we are so busy in work or want to get something done urgently and we open up our email to formulate a new document or reply to pending emails only to find out that iPhone email not working error we start cursing Apple and its service. However the issue could be as simple as the fact that you may not be connected to any internet connection.

If you are getting the “iPhone email not working” error then make sure your phone is already connected to an internet connection. You can also connect your iPhone with your cellular network so you can easily visit or access your email account regardless of the email service provider that you are using. You should also keep a check if your phone is not on flight mode since that will also block your connections unless it is disabled.

Try Restarting your iPhone

This is that trouble shooting option which is not taken seriously be a lot of users in fact some people find it even funny not to opt for it at all however you must know that sometimes something as simple as restarting your iPhone will reboot all the systems and will get rid of a lot of errors that may be erupting without any reason.

If the person facing this is a problem has a good internet connection then the next very common step he should take is to start watching tutorials that are linked to iPhone troubleshooting that means restarting your iPhone. Many people disagree to this but it is quite common to know that only restarting your device can lead to multiple solutions. In other words, this is just a fresh start for your phone.

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Try Upgrading your Operating System to Latest Version

The next step you should make is to be sure that your iOS has the latest operating system. These updated versions will help remove all errors and bugs in order to provide better and improved features.


Contact Your Email Service Provider

Any person facing this, at this point should try getting some technical support in order to remove your email problems. The first step that needs to be taken is to keep a check on your email address for example, Google when it comes to Gmail or Hotmail, etc. The another major reason causing this is your email service provider.

Getting professional help from Apple

When all else fails and there is only one option you are left however this option must be your last resort for help which is to get in touch with the technical support department of Apple either by contacting them or visiting the Apple Store directly.

If your iPhone email not working, you might be stuck in a situation that is much huge and complicated than you can easily solve. In such a situation it is always better to simply take your phone to a professional or your Apple Store in order to get best facilities and technical support. Although these stores are known to be the most occupied ones, but they will always serve you best if you get an appointment before reaching. This will help you avoiding useless and unnecessary problems like these.

A temporary problem with that server or a configuration change that you have no knowledge about could have potentially blocked your access to your iPhone. You can also try checking on the IT department of your company to see if how they can assist you. There are chances that they might resolve the problem that you are facing.

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