How to watch Free Videos Online?

It is quite common to access YouTube instantly when one wants to Watch Free Videos Online because without a doubt YouTube has been the largest online database for videos however users must be aware of the fact that there are other websites that one can access to watch free videos online. You can access these websites free of cost; all you need to know is which one to browse through.

All these websites comprise of professionally created online videos which are customized to serve to specific needs of the customers including the user created clips, TV broadcasts and online movies. Some websites may ask you to give them your email ID or register for an account to be able to enjoy the perks of online free video websites however stay careful of the websites that ask you for your credit card details. The following article lists down the websites that you can access to watch free videos online without having to pay a penny.

Watch Free Videos Online for TV Shows

Watch Free live Tv

In our busy day to day life, it is not uncommon to miss out on our favorite TV shows at the time they air on the television however one can catch on all new and old TV shows on some websites that offer you to watch free videos online for TV Shows:

·         Crackle gives you the option for streaming TV shows, films and some original programs that are or were aired on TV on almost all devices. You can search for your favorite TV show or movie by their genre which fits the content or by their title or you can simply access the daily highlighted videos on the main page. The website offers the best quality video content, you will be given the option to pause and restart these videos on all your devices.

·         ShareTV has a compilation of more than thousands of TV shows and films which can be streamed for free on your PC or mobile device and also contains TV shows from an exhaustive list of networks that are viewed all across the globe.

·         Cartoon HDC ​is not limited to cartoons regardless of what its brand name suggests. You can use this website to stream all your TV shows and films online without having to pay anything. Remember that this website is not the host of these TV shows, the website keeps combing the web for good quality videos that they then post including the TV series and films.

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Watch Free Videos Online for Education

Free Videos Online for Education

You can watch free videos online for educational purposes like the shows that are aired on National Geographic. There are other websites that also offer free videos online for education and some of the best are listed below:

·         The PBS is the online platform that is a famous host for the best collection of online videos for educational purposes absolutely free of cost. All the shows on this website have appeared on public broadcast levels and cater to a large variety of educational topics.

·         TED gives an amazing collection of videos that can be watched for free online and has videos comprising of talks by the world’s famous leaders, philosophers, innovators etc.

·         WatchKnowLearn is another famous education website whose aim is to educate children in between the age of 3 to 18 years. Their collection contains over 50,000 education related videos free of cost which are categorized according to their content and are then further categorized according to age.

Watch Free Videos Online for Music

Free Videos Online for Music

You can watch free videos online for music on the following two famous online platforms:

·         MTV is like the granny of the world’s best online music videos and caters to all genres of music comprising of music videos from all famous music artists.

·         Vevo is another famous host for free online music videos by all the renowned music artists from across the globe. You can simply search the video by the artist name and can register for updates.

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