How to set Curly hair with Bangs

To make Curly hair with bangs look great, you only need to know a few tricks. Below is how to choose the right bangs for Curly hair, how to style it, and some good photo examples.

Trendy bangs will look beautiful on Curly hair. It is important to find the right option. The choice depends on how curly your hair is, as well as your face shape and hair type .

Do you need bangs for Curly hair

wavy hair with bangs

Even with elastic curls, the bangs look beautiful. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

You’ve probably wondered if bangs look good on curly hair. Fortunately, many bangs on curly hair dyes. Among the main advantages are the following:

  • The bangs will hide a high or large forehead;
  • Curly hair with Bangs will add volume to the strands from the very roots. This will enhance your natural curls.
    wavy hair and bangs
    Long bangs and cascade accentuate Curly hair
  • It is believed that bangs visually rejuvenate the face.
  • The bangs will add zest to even the simplest daily styling.
  • Straight or long bangs will emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes or beautiful makeup.
  • Bangs will help you satisfy the urge to experiment and avoid more radical changes. If you want to grow your bangs faster, read our tips and recipes.
  • By washing only your bangs, you can quickly freshen up your hair. But there is a catch here: the bangs really get dirty pretty quickly and can give the hairstyle an unkempt look.

It’s no secret that bangs for Curly hair are very popular. Such haircuts for medium Curly hair with bangs, as the elongated bob and bob already tried on the most stylish celebrities. You need to start choosing a hairstyle by choosing the right bangs.

Long bangs for curly hair

wavy hair with bangs

Emphasized, curly bangs in a retro style. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Long bangs are suitable for owners of curly or curly strands with a small curl. Others will lift up, expose the forehead and complicate styling. Pay attention to the straight bangs that cover the eyebrows and the classic oblique elongated bangs. Oblique bangs blend seamlessly with any haircut. For added effect, you can even twist it a little.

Curly hair with bangs: straight bangs

wavy hair with bangs
Straight bangs of supermodel Mika Argagnaras. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

For owners of slightly Curly hair, any bangs are suitable. Usually, light waves in the hair are formed from about the middle of the length, so the bangs will turn out to be straight. If the haircut causes the shortened strands to curl more, an iron or a hair dryer with a brush-brush will help you .


wavy hair with bangs

Actress Dakota Johnson at the Marrakesh Film Festival. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Another option for a light curl. The curtain bangs do not even look like a bang in the classical sense. The hairdresser usually cuts elongated, straight bangs of medium density, and then puts them on opposite sides of the parting. Curly strands on the sides will frame your face beautifully.

Imitation bangs

wavy hair with bangs
Side hairstyle with bangs illusion. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

For those who cannot decide on a haircut, this option is suitable. It is actively used by stylists from leading haute couture brands. Part your hair to the side with a dramatic side parting. Gently comb a long section of hair over your forehead and secure with a hairpin or nail polish. For example, the TRESemmé Touchable Hold installation varnish provides flexible hold for 24 hours.

False bangs for curly hair

wavy hair with bangs

The false bangs look stylish on the chic hair of model Karen Elson. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Another non-trivial option. Fake bangs can help you decide whether to run to the hairdresser. For a more natural look, choose a bangs made from natural hair rather than kanekalon. The bangs effect can also be achieved by making a high ponytail or bun and covering the forehead with the tips, as in the photo.

What bangs are in fashion?

Today, torn bangs are in fashion, which means the absence of a fixed length and clear edges. She suits girls with a wide chin or a perfect oval face. One of the varieties of bangs is a long oblique: as a rule, in this case, the parting is done obliquely, and the bangs begin right above the ear and go all the way down the face to the cheekbones. Such hairstyles were loved by the youth of the 70s and 80s. modern youth, who have discovered a new style of bangs – emo, are not averse to indulging in it.

By the way, about the disco era: thick voluminous bangs are also a favorite theme of stylists. Surprisingly, such a hairstyle is already becoming a kind of icon, an invisible image that is always relevant.

Here, just choosing a bang that matches your face type, shape, structure and character of your hair is not so easy. In particular, it is mistakenly believed that bangs suit everyone. This is far from the case. For example, thick straight bangs will predictably and irrevocably ruin the image of a girl with a wide face and a rounded face. And long oblique bangs do not suit the owners of a too narrow and low forehead in any way.

Of course, knowing these subtleties is not at all necessary, especially if you are curly. I’m kidding, of course, because a fashionable bang for curly hair is not a myth or a figment of imagination, it will just be a little different.

So how do you curb rebellious curls?

Of course, progress: you can use an iron or special straightening masks, then you can make absolutely any bangs, only you can get worn out with such styling, and not everyone wants to ruffle and iron precious curls.

Another option is to take a certain risk and do the desired bangs, and then, as they say, the morning of the evening is wiser: what will be will be. By the way, sometimes this method is even very useful: the image acquires a certain piquancy due to the natural “chaos”. True, only desperate and extraordinary girls go for this. If you are not one of those, let’s move on.

The best option is to simply find bangs that are suitable for Curly hair.

  1. The first method: it is quite possible to simply shorten the hair somewhat, separated by the correct parting. To do this, cut the front strands to the cheekbones or even shorter. Remember that damp, straightened hair becomes shorter as it dries: the curls are to blame. It is not superfluous to make a ladder that glides along the front hair. This is not quite a bang, but the image helps to freshen up and brings something new to the usual haircut. In addition, it creates a rather cute and at the same time classic look.
  2. The second method – sparse bangs, laid on one side – this is the most reliable and proven option for girls and ladies with curly hair. By the way, laying such a bang on its side in a rare case is not at all necessary.

In general, any straight bangs are perfect for girls and women who are naturally endowed with curls. The main thing: beware of thick bangs – this is not yours.

Experiments with uneven bangs that go to the side are acceptable.

It is quite difficult to fit all curly ones to one pattern: each has its own type of hair, its own structure, and therefore its own curls. That is why there are so few bang options on the net. But there is a way out: go to your stylist or a good proven master and ask for advice. I assure you: you will be surprised, because a lot of options will be offered.

Dear girls and women, we live in a progressive century, so it’s high time to get rid of the stereotype: “Bangs and curly hair are not compatible” and becomes beautiful, especially since the fashionable bangs for curly hair every day acquires a gratifying variety of shapes and types …

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