Difference between Hand car wash and Machine Car wash

Drivers who buy a new car often promise themselves that they will wash it every week to keep it shiny and dust-free.

However, in this situation, we fall into a problem. The question is, ‘Should I choose between a hand car wash or a Machine car wash? People around you recommend washing your car by hand, but is there really only an advantage to a Hand car wash, or if you should wash your car with a machine?

Let’s Compare Hand car wash and Machine Car wash

Hand Car Wash

Hand Car Wash

1. It’s softer

Many people say that a hand car wash makes their car shinier and like new. This is because there is no need to worry about the brushes used in machine washing touching the car and scratching the paint. However, for a gentle hand car wash, you need to be familiar with the process.

2. A more thorough car wash is possible 

The advantage of hand car wash is that it can wipe out more detailed parts. Hand car washing is especially good for cleaning bird droppings, brake dust, and asphalt residue.

3. Hand car washing is Economical 

Car wash costs vary widely depending on the parts needed for mechanical car washing. But if you’re washing your car by hand at home, all you need is a vacuum cleaner, a bucket, a rag, and a towel. If you want a more thorough car wash, you can prepare a pressure jet,  detergent, sponge, or microfiber towel.

4. It can be a fun event

In the case of a hand car wash, it depends on how clean it is, but it takes about 1-2 hours. However, taking a break from the stresses of everyday life and doing the simple task of washing your car can give you a break from your worries for a while. It can also be a fun event if you have a family.

5.  Using self-service Recently, many people are looking for 

self-service car washes where they can enjoy the advantages of both machine and hand washing. limited  It is convenient because it is equipped with equipment for quick car washing during the hour.

Machine Car Wash

Machine Car Wash

1. Washed the Dirt Better

Any kind of automatic car wash has a cleaner that is more powerful than a hand car wash. Since the water pressure itself is strong, it is easy to wash off dirt, and there is no worry about leaving stains as the rinse process goes right away.

2. Fabric Friction Mechanical Washing 

Many people prefer fabric friction mechanical washing to the rolling brush method. The fabric, which looks like a soft blanket, is unmistakably soft and can be gently rubbed on a car that has been sprayed with water to wipe off dirt. Several strands of fabric wipe the surface of the car, equivalent to 100 people washing the car by hand.

3. Eco-friendly 

Recently, most mechanical car wash facilities use a system that recycles water. The water used in the rinse cycle is clean, but the water used in the first step is likely recycled. In this respect, mechanical car washing can be said to be more environmentally friendly.

4. It’s faster 

Hand washing takes a lot of time, so it’s mostly done on a day off. But you can’t keep driving a dirty car. A mechanical car wash can make your car shiny in no time.

5. There are many car washes.

There are usually many automatic car washes at gas stations. If you want to simply wash your car while adding oil, an automatic car wash is perfect. It is inexpensive and fast.

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